Immersion Experience

Casa Alexia offers five complete days of a border immersion experience as an opportunity to:

  • Learn about border issues that exist between Ciudad Juárez,  Chihuahua, México and El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Reflect on the effects of globalization and NAFTA upon:
    • Economic justice
    • Human rights,
    • Environmental concerns
    • Immigration
  • Gain new insights by dialoguing with:
    • University professors
    • Border Patrol agents
    • People from both sides of the border
    • Human rights groups
    • Various  agencies

A past participant commented, “This immersion experience transformed me in ways never expected. Being present on the border is extremely different than reading and listening to the social media about border issues.”

If a group of six to ten persons, would like to participate in an immersion experience, please
contact us.

Casa Alexia, A Border Ministry/Un Ministerio en la Frontera
465 Gallagher St. | El Paso, TX 79915-3133 | USA
915-595-0965 |

Sr. Fran with Immersion Experience participants

Sister Fran with Immersion Experience participants