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Established in 2004, in El Paso, Texas, Casa Alexia is a joint ministry of the Latin American and United States Provinces of the School Sisters of St. Francis.  Our goal of serving migrants, refugees, and victims of violence on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border became even more of a reality when, in 2009, three additional sisters expanded the ministry into Juárez, Mexico. They settled in a small parish house in the heart of a colonia, or barrio (see “Locations” below), in one of the poorest sections of the city. There they provide numerous programs and services to the people of Jesús Obrero (Jesus the worker) Parish, including ministering to the families of those who have been tortured, disappeared, or killed.

Today, we are working in solidarity with our partners in mission, to realize the SSSF’s vision of a world transformed through peace, justice, and love.

The Congregational Direction of the School Sisters of St. Francis is the focus of the community at Casa Alexia.

Casa Alexia Sisters

Our Mission

The School Sisters of St. Francis, at Casa Alexia, commit ourselves to stand in solidarity with migrants, immigrants and victims of violence
in the El Paso-Juárez border region:

  • Raising awareness regarding the social, economic, and political realities of the border

  • Offering accompaniment and counseling to victims of violence and their families

  • Advocating for the human rights of immigrants, detainees, victims of violence and injustice

  • Providing education and pastoral services for those in need


El Paso

465 Gallagher Street, El Paso, TX 79915


2615 Privada Pino Suarez Ciudad Juárez, Ch. Mexico

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Casa Alexia, A Border Ministry/Un Ministerio en la Frontera
465 Gallagher St. | El Paso, TX 79915-3133 | USA
915-595-0965 | casa_alexia@yahoo.com



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