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Become Informed
Become Informed

Come for an immersion experience at the border, which will help you:

  • Learn about the border reality
  • Learn about the effects of globalization on border life in the areas of economic justice, human rights, the environment, and population explosion
  • Share with others about Casa Alexia and its important ministries
  • Pray for healing and an end to violence in Juárez and all of Mexico
  • Pray for a better life for immigrants and just immigration laws
  • Join the sisters and associates for prayer and reflection
  • Join the sisters and others for prayer vigils

Volunteer in El Paso or Juárez with:

  • Food distribution in Juárez
  • Office administration support
  • Assistance with various ministries
Become a Tau Volunteer
Become a Tau Volunteer

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To Become Involved Contact

Sister Fran Hicks
Casa Alexia, A Border Ministry
Un Ministerio en la Frontera
465 Gallagher Street
El Paso, Texas 79915-3133

Tau Volunteers


Tau Volunteers come from all walks of life and from all over the United States.  We invite Tau Volunteers to join us in meeting and serving those most in need, our brothers and sisters on the margins.

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